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Message from the CEO

Lutronic is developing a variety of therapies to contribute to improving the quality of human life with creative medical technology. When it was established in 1997, we focused on securing 'technological power' with the aim of entering overseas markets. In the fields of aesthetics, we can be found in 60 countries and are well recognized.

Lutronic is investing nearly 20% of its annual sales on research and development. We are constantly introducing products that are innovative and that are easy to use, allowing the physician to focus on their patients, and not the device.

Last year, we expanded into the surgical field. In addition to this, we have also developed a treatment that treats the most central part of the eye, which is the most important part of the eye. We are confident that the treatment of LUTRONIC will contribute to the major diseases that are blinded if there is no obvious treatment until now. Lutronics was the first company to make light and energy based medical devices in Korea. At the time of its establishment, many of us had questions about our challenge. However, over the past 20 years, we have accumulated a steady technological capability and have built up our own production capacity and are playing a role in the world market. We know that there was support and help of many people until today of Lutronics. We will continue to strengthen our position as a global company and realize the future of domestic healthcare companies. We will strive to lead a happier life through the treatment of diseases suffered by mankind.

Thank you,
Haelyung Hwang,
CEO Lutronic Corporation

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