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Bounce Back with TotalSkin Solution

Thank you for your interest in expanding your practice with us. 

Please register on this page to schedule your appointment and a Lutronic Specialist will reach out to you shortly. 

TotalSkin Solution™ Best-in-class platforms complement each other.

Lutronic Genius® Intelligent Volumizing RF Platform

  • Superior needles & handpiece technology ensure accurate depth and patient comfort
  • Precision coagulation consistently enabled ONLY by Genius’ real-time impedance feedback

Lutronic Ultra™ Intelligent 1927nm Thulium Laser

  • Powerful & versatile non-ablative platform provides comfortable, effective treatments FAST
  • Reduces unwanted pigment and generates healthy, glowing skin with minimal consumable cost

"Applied intelligence effectively fluffs the pillow and washes & irons the pillowcase. Both platforms can be safely used all year-round, on all skin types, and can be easily delegated & customized for desired results with minimal downtime."

Thank you for your continued support, 

Lutronic: Intelligent Design for Intelligent Care™


Bounce Back with TotalSkin Solution

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