Genius RF: INFINI + LaseMD = The Total Skin Solution

Dr. Moradi and Dr. Weiner share the results of their clinical study using two best class in devices – the LaseMD non ablative rejuvenation laser and Infini High Intensity Precision RF. By treating the entire skin in one treatment, Clients achieves short term reduction in pigment from the LaseMD treatment while the Infini stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration provides long term and sustained reduction in laxity, wrinkles and acne scars.

• Distinguish your practice by combining two best in class devices
• Treat all layers of the skin in one treatment
• Short and long term results with low downtime
• Validated in a clinical study by leading aesthetic physician



Genius RF: Introducing Lutronic Genius: The New Paradigm in RF Energy Delivery

What is Lutronic Genius?
Lutronic Genius® delivers precision in every pulse. Exact depth is consistently achieved with superior needle and handpiece design ensuring brilliant results on face, neck and multiple body areas every treatment. Pinpoint coagulation zones are achieved while maintaining maximum patient comfort through Real-Time Impedance Monitoring.

Key Benefits
— Confidence of offering optimal treatments-customized for each and every patient
— Real-time feedback of total energy delivery
— More comfortable treatment experience
— Presets and needle tips designed for all skin types and multiple body areas



Genius RF: Genius® - The Science of RF Microneedling

E. Victor Ross MD presents: The Science of RF Microneedling - Separating Fact from Fiction

E. Victor Ross, MD, world renowned aesthetic dermatologist shares his knowledge and experience with precision RF microneedling. RF Microneedling is one of the fastest growing procedures within aesthetic medicine. As patient demand and procedure volume have increased, so have the number of commercial devices to choose from. Dr. Ross will present the latest data to help you understand the most important clinical and scientific aspects of RF microneedling. The information presented will allow you to separate fact from fiction when choosing a device for your practice. Equally important, you will learn how to determine the ideal treatment parameters to achieve the best outcomes.

“A new paradigm in RF energy delivery, Genius® proprietary technology provides real-time feedback for customized, comfortable treatments. ” E Victor Ross, MD.

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