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The latest laser you’re bound to hear more about is the LASEMD Glo from Lutronics, which is nonablative, perfects skin with minimal downtime and has ties to Korean beauty. According to Los Gatos, CA, dermatologist Steven L. Swengel, MD, LASEMD Glo is somewhat like Fraxel Dual and Clear + Brilliant Permea in that it, too, treats unwanted pigment issues. But where it di ers is that not as many treatments are required and there’s no recovery. Totally customizable, the laser punches tiny holes into the epidermis, and although it is e ective alone, the treatment can be combined with one of several di erent serums containing alphahydroxy acids, hydroquinone, hyaluronic acid, or vitamins A and C. “There’s also a post-treatment mask that cools and calms the skin,” Dr. Swengel says. “This is destined to become a ‘wow’ treatment for pigmentation, texture and pore size.”
-ELISE MINTON, executive beauty editor