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Lutronic® Announces FDA Clearance for Latest Generation SPECTRA™

Lutronic Inc., a leading developer of high-quality, affordable medical
and aesthetic laser systems, announced today that it received regulatory clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for its latest generation SPECTRA™ laser system.

Building on the spectacular success of Lutronic’s award-winning Nd:YAG laser systems, the SPECTRA laser system offers a safe and effective way to remove tattoos, epidermal pigmented lesions, Café-Au-Lait, freckles, and minor vascular lesions. It can also be used to treat patients suffering from other dermatological and aesthetic conditions, including acne scars, wrinkles, seborrheic keratosis, and lentigines. The latest generation SPECTRA is equipped with new and innovative technical advantages, including a 3-8mm Zoom Collimated Handpiece. This adjustable collimated feature eliminates the need to switch handpieces for collimated work, making it more convenient to use than a conventional zoom piece. The user interface on the LCD touch screen has also been updated with usability in mind.

“The removal of tattoos and unwanted pigment is one of the fastest growing markets for aesthetic lasers,” said Randy Fried, National Sales Director for Lutronic Inc. He continued, “With the introduction of the SPECTRA, Lutronic can meet the needs of our practitioners and their patients with a safe, effective, and versatile system.”

The SPECTRA’spowerful dual-pulsed, Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser is capable of producing four different wavelengths to accommodate different skin types and conditions. The system photo-mechanically removes various pigmented lesions and all tattoo ink colors with ease. The SPECTRA uses high intensity pulses of laser light to significantly lighten or completely remove pigments and tattoo particles without harming surrounding healthy cells. An additional operating mode, SPECTRA Mode™, delivers a quasi-long pulse of 300 microseconds, ideally suited for the newest application in non-ablative skin resurfacing SPECTRA Peel™. In combination with a carbon-based lotion, SPECTRA Mode creates a photothermal effect in the skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration. In addition to a top-hat beam profile, short pulse duration and high peak power, the SPECTRA laser system has auto-calibration and self-restoration functions, which constantly maintain its fluence within the ideal range.

“The SPECTRA laser is clearly the leader at our practice due to its versatility, power, and dependability. The device features seven adjustable spot sizes, four treatment wavelengths, as well as a zoom and collimated hand piece, unrivalled in the industry. These design features result in faster treatment times, greater ease of use, and higher patient satisfaction, making SPECTRA the perfect go-to laser,” said Gideon Kwok, M.D., referring to one of the SPECTRA Series of Laser Systems.

About Lutronic
Founded in 1997, Lutronic is a global, technology-driven company that develops, manufactures and commercializes lasers for aesthetic and medical applications. Lutronic’s products service multispecialties dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, general practitioners and dentists—providing quality performance for physicians and patients. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea and a publicly listed international company, Lutronic owns 39 patents and is established in 60 distribution channels worldwide.

Ms. Stephanie Davio
Marketing Communications Manager
3003 N. First Street San Jose, CA 95134


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