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Lutronic, in celebration of 20 years bringing leading technology across a range of disciplines, announced today its continued global expansion both online and on the ground.

Lutronic, in celebration of 20 years as a leading innovator of medical and aesthetic laser and energy-based technology, announced today their continuing global expansion by purchasing a building to house the growing US headquarters, the opening of a German office, and the launch a new and improved website. The new responsive websites include a Corporate site, which is the gateway to its Aesthetic, Vision and Surgical business units, as well as providing comprehensive information about its global business and investor relations.  “We are excited that  our new corporate site focuses primarily on providing valuable information and insights into Lutronic, its corporate mission and its multiple businesses.” stated Haelyung Hwang, Founder and CEO of Lutronic. “As a pioneer in the field of aesthetic lasers, Lutronic’s mission is to continually look for ways the improve upon current technology and grow as a company; As part of that mission, Lutronic expanded into Surgical and most recently into Ophthalmology.”  The release of the Vision website strengthens Lutronic’s commitment to improving the lives of patients through innovative energy-based devices.

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Already well established in Europe and US, the recent expansion reaffirm that Lutronic is focused on being a top global Medical and Aesthetic laser and energy based device company.  Located just minutes from Boston, MA, the over 24k square foot building will provide an ideal base of operations to further cement Lutronic’s US presence.  “We are looking forward to this next chapter in the companies expansion.” stated Brian Spies, US General Manager & Marketing Vice President, “The new building will ensure our customers continue to be provided with a best in class experience, from purchase, post-marketing support and ongoing service, our customers will appreciate the improved experience.”  As with the US, the German office signifies Lutronic’s commitment to providing their customers around the globe with the best experience possible. 

Lutronic is equally focused on providing patients around the globe with relevant information so they can make informed treatment decisions.  In support of this belief, the patient education website will expand into multiple languages and provide a search function that will help patients find providers in their country.  Lutronic will continue this mission in 2018 with expanded patient education websites and global locales.  We look forward to the next 20 years as we continue to expand our solutions to improve the lives of health care practitioners and patients alike.


Lutronic, a leading innovator in advanced aesthetic and medical and medical laser and related technology, was established over 20 years ago to bring intuitive, robust, versatile devices that are affordable and efficacious to the worldwide medical community. Committed to improving medicine, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance science and ensure the efficacy of its systems.  All systems are versatile and offer multiple setting and treatment options for customized treatments, which optimize outcomes for a wide variety of conditions and treatments in the fields of aesthetics, spine surgery and ophthalmology. 

With a focus on physician needs and patient outcomes, Lutronic dedicates time and funding toward the development of devices that offer features and improvements not found in today’s market. Devoting more than 20% of revenues to R&D, Lutronic holds more than 200 current and pending patents worldwide. With more than 270 employees worldwide, Lutronic has offices in the US, Germany, Korea, China, and Japan, a world-wide network of distributors, focused R&D centers in Korea, and is ever expanding.