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Lutronic Introduces AccuSculpt: The Most Effective Body Sculpting Tool

Lutronic, Inc., a leading developer of highest quality, affordable medical and aesthetic laser systems is expanding its body contouring arsenal with the introduction of AccuSculpt™, making the company first-to-market with a pulsed laser to feature the revolutionary 1444 nm wavelength for a new level of safety, speed and efficiency in fat deposit emulsification and body contouring. Lutronic is the first company to research and develop the optimized 1400 wavelength for Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL), which also consists of the new AccuLift(TM) facial contouring procedure. The AccuSculpt system was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008, and thousands of safe and successful face and body contouring procedures have been performed since the clearance.

With rapid adoption of this ground-breaking technology worldwide, "We fully expect other LAL system developers to follow our lead with this revolutionary new wavelength," says Dr. Jhungwon Hwang, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs. "As a company we commit twenty-five percent of our global work force to R&D to help maintain and grow our technical leadership position."

Scientifically proven to be the most accurate, effective and precise wavelength for face and body contouring, the patented technology's unique properties make it eight times more effective at emulsifying fat than other lasers on the market. This provides aesthetic physicians with an incredible tool that produces safe, effective and permanent results previously unavailable. Additionally, physicians who have adopted the AccuSculpt technology have experienced a surge in practice revenue due to several new treatment options that AccuSculpt allows.

Dr. Nathan Miller, a cosmetic surgeon based in Oklahoma City, OK, says, "Having been a luminary for multiple liposuction companies, I have been fortunate enough to have used and tested just about every type of technology out there. AccuSculpt by far and away is the best that I have used in terms of actual power and final results. By no means is this a gimmick machine."

Developed to meet the needs of those seeking the most advanced and effective treatment in body refinement with minimum pain and little downtime, AccuSculpt is the first in its class of cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatments to target and eradicate fat from trouble spots below the neck with a precision previously not available until now.

The AccuSculpt procedure follows the launch of Lutronic's successful AccuLift facial contouring procedure. "AccuLift bridges the divide between surgical and non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation and is consistent with what patients want," says Dr. Alan Matarasso of New York City.

Lutronic will continue to invest significant resources to emerge as the global leader in aesthetic technologies and has rapidly earned a reputation as the provider of the most reliable, clinically effective premium products at an exceptional value.

To learn more about Lutronic's portfolio of laser systems, please visit its new website:

About Lutronic Lutronic is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems for dermatological and aesthetic surgery applications. The Company's advanced technologies include the eCO2 fractional laser, the Spectra family of products and the unparalleled MOSAIC fractional system. With distribution in over 51 countries and more than a decade of award-winning advances in research and development, Lutronic is committed to delivering innovative, highly effective and versatile laser solutions at exceptional value. Dedicated customer care and clinician support worldwide are a primary focus at Lutronic, Inc.

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