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Lutronic Unveils Spectra™ Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser Campaign at THE Aesthetic Show

Lutronic Inc., the leading developer of 'best in class' medical and aesthetic laser systems will be showcasing its latest generation Spectra. Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser at THE Aesthetic Show. The overwhelming popularity of the Spectra Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser provided the genesis for the show's innovative customer testimonial campaign. Designed primarily to highlight the unique features and benefits of the award winning laser system, the company's campaign incorporates feedback from Lutronic customers and educates show attendees on the broad functionality and incremental revenue potential offered by the device.

 At THE Aesthetic Show, several podium presentations will focus on Total Facial Rejuvenation using a 'spectrum' of Lutronic treatment options, including: the Spectra, the fractional ablative eCO2™, the non-ablative fractional MOSAIC™, and the AccuSculpt™ lasers for facial contouring. One of the show's presenters will be Ms. Lori Robertson, (MSN FNP-C) - Lead Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at Skin Perfect Medical located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Ms. Robertson will speak on Saturday, May 21st, during which time she will highlight the positive clinical results she has achieved using the Spectra laser over the course of 1000+ treatments. She will also address the enhanced efficacy and treatment synergy of Lutronic's combined therapies.

 "The Spectra is one of the most versatile devices any practice could ask for, as it was designed to treat a large number of dermatological and aesthetic applications, including tattoo removal, acne scars, dermal and epidermal pigment and superficial vascular lesions," says Ms. Robertson. "By having the ability to treat the causes of the problem, rather than merely the symptoms, the Spectra continues to be my laser of choice."

 About The Spectra Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser:

The Spectra laser uses high intensity pulses of laser light to significantly lighten or remove pigments and tattoo particles of all colors without harming surrounding healthy cells. It can be used to resurface the skin to treat acne scars and wrinkles, remove minor vascular lesions, and remove seborrheic keratoses. Robertson adds: "The Spectra laser is also ideal to use for the treatment of active acne." "This device is a true workhorse, supporting numerous needs in our aesthetic practice and generating a strong revenue stream for our medical spa."

 Company executives point out that since its inception, The Spectra laser has carved out a strong niche in the marketplace due to the following key design features:

  • High peak power and the shortest pulse width, providing a photo-acoustic effect to break up pigment
  • A top hat beam profile that guarantees uniform distribution of the laser energy, while decreasing the likelihood of complications
  • A dual pulsed mode that includes a quasi-long pulse of 300 microseconds, which has led to the development of a new, non ablative skin resurfacing application known as the 'Spectra Peel'

 While the industry offers competitive choices, the Spectra laser continues as a top seller in the Q switched Nd: YAG category. Lutronic notes that its customers develop quickly into loyal fans after only a few sessions, enthusiastically coining the phrase "I Love My Spectra," and spawning the company's campaign mantra.

"The Spectra laser is clearly the 'leader' at our practice due to its versatility, power and dependability," says Gideon Kwok, M.D., the supervising physician who works with Lori Robertson at Skin Perfect. Dr. Kwok further  points out that "the device features 7 adjustable spot sizes, 4 treatment wavelengths, as well as a zoom and collimated hand piece, unrivalled in the industry." ".These design features result in faster treatment times, greater ease of use and higher patient satisfaction, making Spectra the perfect go-to laser."

Lori Robertson will be speaking on the Spectra laser from 1:00 - 2:15 on May 21st, after which she will be available at the Lutronic Booth (#210) for a Meet and Greet session with workshop attendees.

About Lutronic

Lutronic is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems for dermatological and aesthetic surgery applications. The Company's advanced technologies include AccuLift™ and AccuSculpt for facial and body contouring, the eCO2 fractional laser, the Spectra family of products and the unparalleled MOSAIC non-ablative fractional system. With distribution in over 41 countries and more than a decade of award-winning advances in research and development, Lutronic is committed to delivering innovative, highly effective and versatile laser solutions at exceptional value. Dedicated customer care and clinician support worldwide are a primary focus at Lutronic.  To learn more about the company's portfolio of laser systems, please visit To stay abreast of the company's Aesthetic Show promotional news, The use of the Spectra laser for acne treatment is 510k pending.

 For more information on the "I Love My Spectra" campaign, or to schedule an interview with Lori Robertson, please contact: Judith Sikora, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Lutronic.