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Clarity II

with IntelliTrak™ technology

Higher-powered 755/1064nm platform laser

  1. Up to 2X faster Laser Hair Removal Txs*
  2. Exclusive shorter pulsewidths available including 1ms setting
    for finer facial hairs

Breakthrough intelligent capabilities

  1. IntelliTrak™ technology for faster more consistent Tx coverage
  2. Temperature Sensing for real-time skin temp feedback
    during Tx
  3. Auto-calibration in seconds saves time and
    improves productivity

Advanced, easy-to-use platform

  1. Single fiber for all 2-24mm spot cartridges
  2. Numerous skin rejuvenation capabilities including vascular,
    pigment, and toning Txs

*At settings of:   755nm, 5ms, 12J/cm2: Clarity II at 22mm, 3Hz, IntelliTrak at 18% overlap vs.
older system at 18mm, 2Hz, and est. ~18% manual overlap.  Geometric treatment coverage speed is
11.4cm/second with Clarity II vs. 5.1cm/second with older system.



Intelligently Designed with the Provider in Mind

Intuitive icon red2Intuitive

Advanced single-fiber Handpiece with multi-spot cartridges, intelligent operation and feedback

Innovative icon redInnovative

IntelliTrak™ technology and Temperature Sensing for faster, efficacious and consistent Tx coverage

Effective icon redEffective

Higher power and rep rates, larger spots, shorter pulsewidths enable faster, more effective Txs

Dependable icon redDependable

Built upon the foundation of Lutronic's laser excellence and Clarity's worldwide performance


Provide better efficacy & the rapid results your patients demand

Full Range of Applications

Remove Hair up to 2X Faster

clarity-b-2.jpg Image
clarity-a-2.jpg Image

Courtesy of Kubilay Yucel, M.D., Turkey

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