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Clarity II

with IntelliTrak™ technology

Higher-powered 755/1064nm platform laser

  1. Up to 2X faster Laser Hair Removal Txs*
  2. Exclusive shorter pulsewidths available including 1ms setting
    for finer facial hairs

Breakthrough intelligent capabilities

  1. IntelliTrak™ technology for faster more consistent Tx coverage
  2. Temperature Sensing for real-time skin temp feedback
    during Tx
  3. Auto-calibration in seconds saves time and
    improves productivity

Advanced, easy-to-use platform

  1. Single fiber for all 2-24mm spot cartridges
  2. Numerous skin rejuvenation capabilities including vascular,
    pigment, and toning Txs

*At settings of:   755nm, 5ms, 12J/cm2: Clarity II at 22mm, 3Hz, IntelliTrak at 18% overlap vs.
older system at 18mm, 2Hz, and est. ~18% manual overlap.  Geometric treatment coverage speed is
11.4cm/second with Clarity II vs. 5.1cm/second with older system.