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With the advanced features of Clarity II including IntelliTrak, we are able to complete hair removal in much less time and often in fewer treatments. The old days of freehand stamping for inconsistent treatment coverage are gone. This leads directly to better staff productivity, higher ROI and patient satisfaction. The positive patient experience and results are growing practice referrals. Lutronic continues to provide cutting-edge laser technology with the best customer service and marketing support.

Cindy McClure, NP

The Clarity II has been a big step forward for our staff and patients as its design has dramatically reduced our total treatment time - auto-calibration in seconds, large spot sizes with plenty of energy, rep rates up to 3Hz, and IntelliTrak to make treatments thorough, consistent and fun. Clarity II is such a complete platform that we are able to switch wavelengths, spots and parameters in seconds to treat different skin types and indications.

Judy Romero, RN

Clarity II provides meaningful clinical advantages over other systems. The higher energy and shorter pulses, like 1.0ms that no other device has today, allows me to remove finer facial hair more effectively for the first time. And the real-time temperature sensing gives my staff and I more confidence in our patients' treatment efficacy and endpoints. Clarity II is full of intelligent capabilities for all platform applications.

David J Friedman, MD

Before & Afters


Courtesy of David J Friedman

Results may vary.

SKs & Lentigines

Courtesy of J H Won MD

Results may vary.

Fine Hair Removal

Courtesy of David J Friedman MD

Results may vary.


Courtesy of David J Friedman MD

Results may vary.

Hair Removal (Axilla)

Courtesy of Kubilay Yucel, M.D., Turkey

Results may vary.

Hair Removal (Back)

Courtesy of Kubilay Yucel, M.D., Turkey

Results may vary.

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