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Healite II is a useful adjunct to almost any aesthetic treatment. It is so important now that I couldn’t imagine practicing aesthetic medicine without it.

Won-Serk Kim, MD, South Korea

In our practice, we use Healite after every Lutronic fractional CO2 laser procedure. There is a significant reduction in post- op swelling, length and intensity of redness and time to completely heal. Compared to our own historical clinical results there appears to be an enhanced result as well. Healite is the cornerstone of our ablative laser protocol.

David Vasily, MD, USA

Our experience with the Infini has been very positive with patients excited about their results. We have added the Healite II treatment immediately following the Infini and this seems to decrease healing time by about a day. (Healite treatments are usually charged as a separate procedure, but they seem to be such a helpful marriage of technologies that we include this in the cost of an Infini procedure.)

Chris Allan, MD, USA

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Courtesy of Bettina Rummelein MD

Results may vary.

Courtesy of Lutronic Research Clinic USA

Results may vary.

Courtesy of Lutronic Research Clinic USA

Results may vary.

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