SPECTRA is my go to laser. It is the most versatile and most frequently used laser I own.

H. Lee, MD, USA

Before & After

Tattoo Removal

Courtesy of Matthew Werner, MD, USA

Results may vary.

Post-Acne Redness

Courtesy of S.B. Cho, Dermatologist, South Korea

Results may vary


The Treatment of Ota’s Nevus Using Dr. Hoon Hur’s Golden Parameter with a High Fluence 1064 nm Nd:

YAG Laser without Side Effects

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3 Clinically-backed Facts:

• Spectra is used around the world to reduce/remove unwanted skin pigmentation.

• Over 50 clinical articles have been published using the Spectra platform
• Spectra’s high quality design and beam profile enables safe treatment of complex dermal pigment (e.g.: Nevus of Ota) in darker skin type patients, with minimal risk of side effects.

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