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Lutronic ULTRA™ is my favorite new addition to my practice. It allows me to treat multiple areas quickly, effectively, and for very low cost. My patients are loving the comfortable treatments and impressive results with very little downtime.

Joel Cohen, MD

Not only is ULTRA™ more powerful than competitive devices, it offers a new larger spot size and incorporates an improved beam profile. The system includes an incredibly advanced graphical user interface. The integration of all the new features with real-time information helps reduce treatment time and achieve satisfying patient results in fewer treatments… I can treat a full face in about 6-8 minutes or the face, neck and chest in 20 minutes.

Steven Weiner, MD

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Photos Courtesy of W. LoVerme, MD

Results may vary


Photos Courtesy of W. LoVerme, MD

Results may vary.


Treatment of Melasma Using a Novel 1,927 nm Fractional Thulium Laser:

A Retrospective Analysis of 68 Korean Patients

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3 Clinical Facts

• Fast, virtually painless, and with little-to-no downtime, Ultra is an essential component to any aesthetic practice. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and Ultra is the optimal solution to maintaining it!

• A “true Thulium” laser, Ultra is the ultimate device for refreshing and rebuilding new, healthy skin in all skin types and ages, all year round.

• Ultra™ is a key component of the new KeraLase treatment! The laser creates tiny “microchannels” in the scalp, which increases the absorption of compounds. The KeraFactor™ serum has proprietary biomimetic growth factors and proteins which provide a new, multifaceted topical formulation for increased hair and scalp health.

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