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PicoPlus ®

Higher Peak Power (1.8 GW) for improved results with less downtime 

  1. Shorter 450ps pulsewidth for efficacy with less erythema
  2. Up to 800mJ of energy in both picosecond & nanosecond modes

1064/532nm core wavelengths for maximum
Tx versatility

  1. Ideally suited to rapidly reduce unwanted pigment and tattoo ink
  2. Parameter changes in seconds to enable faster Txs

Advanced proprietary technology and elegant ergonomics

  1. Ability to precisely adjust to low energies for gentle Txs
  2. S-Arm and compact, easy-to-use Zoom & Toning Handpieces
  3. Spots sizes from 2-10mm and rep rates up to 10 Hz

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