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the official Hollywood Laser Peel® platform


Higher Peak Power (0.24 GW) for improved efficacy
with less downtime 

  1. Shorter, true 5ns pulsewidth for QS efficacy with less erythema
  2. Exclusive Spectra mode (300us) enables Hollywood Laser Peel®
  3. Up to 1200mJ of energy in both Nanosecond & Spectra modes

1064/532nm core wavelengths for enhanced Tx versatility

  1. Designed to improve skin tone, reduce unwanted pigment and tattoo ink
  2. Optional 585nm & 650nm Dye HPs available

Advanced proprietary capabilities and proven global performance

  1. First nanosecond laser FDA cleared to treat melasma
  2. Easy-to-use Interface, Arm and Intelligent handpiece
  3. Laser quality/stability optimizes safety and efficacy
  4. Broad indications, established best practices, global workhorse