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High Powered Laser and Pulsed-light Platform



Maximized power, performance and results.

LUTRONIC Maxx delivers superior power in a desktop size platform. You don’t have to sacrifice performance to have an all-in-one system. Featuring 5 quick-connect direct emission handpieces, Maxx has brought together smart features that allow you to get the most out of a small desktop system.

Maxx features

Real Results. No Downtime.

Maxx IPL benign pigmented lesions before croppedMaxx IPL benign pigmented lesions after cropped Maxx ndyag lpsp FParini plain angioma beforeMaxx ndyag lpsp FParini plain angioma after Maxx ndyag vein beforeMaxx ndyag vein after Maxx qswitched LSeghezzi tattoo beforeMaxx qswitched LSeghezzi tattoo after

Choose the Ideal Configuration to Fit Your Needs.

Maxx Handpieces

Maxx was developed to allow you greater control over outcomes through the intelligent features that allow you to customize treatments.

  • Quick change handpieces plug and play for on-the-fly treatments
  • Choose between Assisted Mode with treatment presets or Manual Mode for maximum control
  • Direct emission technology combined with adaptive electronics ensure each handpiece provides you peak performance
  • Remote service viewing ensures you can feel secure about your investment