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Highest Power & Versatility For Difficult Cases



  • Highest Power of Any Multi-Wavelength Picosecond Laser
  • Shorter Pulses (450ps) – Reduced Pain & Erythema
  • Best of Nanosecond & Picosecond Pulse Durations
  • Advanced Proprietary Technology & Elegant Ergonomics
  • Proven Performance & Reliability - Hundreds Sold, Now Available in the USA!
  • Proprietary Hollywood PicoPeel™

Product Inquiry

picoplus b 001picoplus a 001 picoplus b 002picoplus a 002 picoplus b 003picoplus a 003 BA 4 1BA 4 2 Pico BA 5 1 pigment beforePico BA 5 2 pigment after FRivera PicoPlus Rejuvenation rt pt1 before croppedFRivera PicoPlus Rejuvenation rt pt1 after cropped PicoPlus Hont Tattoo beforePicoPlus Hont Tattoo after

*Individual results may vary.