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Enlarged Pores: Holistic and Integrative Approach, From Diet and Skin Care to Laser

Dr. Victor Gabriel Clatici

(Dermatologist, Romania)

Over 20 years experience in diagnosis and clinical research in dermatology / The first writer of Butterfly Effect in Dermatology in the world, developed and published an original concept - WATCH/ Principal investigator and National Coordinator for multicenter national and international studies / Invited Speaker of AMWC Monaco, IMCAS Paris, 5CC etc. / Presented over 350 papers at international and National Congresses, and published over 60 articles in academic journals


In this Webinar

  • Enlarged pores: causes, impact, and treatment.
  • Enlarged pores and Skin aging: connections and implications for treatment.
  • Integrative and Holistic Principles in Treatment of Skin Diseases.
  • Hollywood Laser Peel, Revital and LaseMD-combination and algorithms.
  • Tips and tricks from more than 500 interventions 



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